PS1 Comes to the National Mediation Board

nmbnewsealThe National Mediation Board (NMB), the primary US Federal agency with responsibility for resolving labor disputes in the air and rail sectors, has been honing their skills in Problem Solving for 1 (PS1).  In November 2013 key personnel at NMB received training in PS1.  Forming a working group NMB has reviewed and adapted PS1 for their particular needs.  Working with NMB a training program has been developed for internal use.  NMB is investigating how PS1 might be used in the labor relations context.  The great benefit of PS1 rests in how readily it can be learned.

I have often felt that PS1 lends itself to helping negotiation teams better understand the negotiation environment, and think through how negotiation proposals will be considered by the other side.   The simplicity of the process hides its power.  By creating better understanding of the negotiation parties don’t focus on crafting the perfect negotiation proposal.  Instead, they focus on proposals that will be heard, leading to better outcomes.

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