PS1: Helping People to Help Themselves

14598109107_0c082c8ee0_mProblem Solving for 1 (PS1)  helps people to help themselves.  While PS1 aided in kicking off conflict coaching, it also makes another important contribution.  Training people in how to use PS1 in everyday life helps people to better think through their daily challenges.

Workplace conflict often happens because of poor reactions to situations.  Poor reactions are of ten the product of bad planning and misunderstood dynamics.  PS1 helps people to better analyze their problems and conflicts.  Breaking big problems down into small more manageable parts makes things easier.  An ongoing argument with a co-worker, once better analyzed may reveal, for example, several smaller problems.  Resolving these smaller problems can help to reduce tension and improve the workplace climate.

Training in PS1 takes just over  half a day to complete.  With the support of colleagues and coworkers PS1 provides a great opportunity to reduce workplace tension, build cohesion and resolve problems speedily.  It also helps support a climate of problem solving throughout the organization.

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